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For tapping the business opportunity in the emerging Indian Infrastructure and Real Estate Sector, BAI offers...

Advertising in ‘Indian Construction’

The widely circulated monthly bulletin is not only the mouth piece of BAI but a regular and dependable authenticate information provider to the constituents of the Indian construction sector. 1

Product Write-ups

Write-ups of products are carried in the ‘Indian Construction’ bulletin, in a way that it is of interest and information to readers. Most of the times it complements an advertisement of a product in the same issue. 2

Exhibitions/Trade fairs

Exhibitions/Trade fairs are regularly held by BAI in various parts of India. 3

Conventions/Seminars/Conferences(with a link to page having a list of

Conventions/Seminars/Conferences of BAI or its Centres)

Conventions/Seminars/Conferences are organized regularly by BAI in various parts of India and on specific topics too. These events are many times clubbed with Exhibitions/Tradefairs. 4

Construction Industry Referencer

BAI annually publishes Construction Industry Referencer the official membership directory of BAI containing all details of its members. Being a collector’s volume, advertisements in the Membership Directory get multiple exposures. 5


The newly launched and regularly updated BAI Portal ‘’ is a much sought after website for the information hosted on it. Advertisements, banners, messages and links on the website get wide exposure. 6

One-to-One meetings

One-to-One meetings with specific groups of members are also arranged by BAI on request by a supplier/manufacturer in various parts of India. 7

Research/Survey/Opinion gathering exercise

BAI will undertake on behalf of manufacturers/service providers 8

BAI's 'Learning and Continued Education Portal'

Builders' Association of India (BAI) is contemplating launching a new online platform called ‘BAI Learn’ ( to provide education and training resources for construction professionals. 9

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