About BAI

  • Who can be a part of the BAI movement? Any Person, Company, Society or any Corporate Body or firm connected with construction work or building activity of any kind whatsoever, suppliers of building materials, hardware and construction equipment manufacturers including professionals such as architects, R.C.C. Consultants and Interior Designers, etc.
  • Why become a member of BAI. Enlightened long-term self-interest demands safeguarding of one’s business interest. Doing it individually is not feasible and will be a voice in wilderness. Forming a group to safeguard the business interest has a better chance of results. As democracy is a number game, so is trade Association. Bigger the group, better the respect it commands and attention it receives from authorities. This is where our association plays its role. BAI provides a platform to focus issues for airing the problems faced by the industry at large. By becoming a member of BAI, constituents of the Indian Construction Industry are safeguarding their own interest. Becoming a member of an Association is like being a part of a larger family. The activities of the Association keep one abreast of the happenings in and around the industry. Construction is the second largest economic activity, second biggest contributor to Gross Domestic Product and second biggest labour employer. It is a core industry and engine for development.
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